About Me

As a long time stage actor, director and being on the production staff of many a theatrical stage production, I've seen many headshots over the years for potential cast members. I always remember the excitement upon seeing that fantastic headshot and thinking to myself, that person looks exactly like what we're looking for! I also remember seeing the not so good headshots and thinking, that person isn't doing all the little things necessary to get ahead of their peers in the acting and performing realm. My promise to you is, I will do everything in my power to make sure that the headshots you walk away with will convey that confidence and approachability that every single production staff is looking for. My #1 goal before anything else is to help you, LAND THE ROLE.

Secondly, SPORTS and ACTION photography. The last few years I began the journey into sports photography as the photographer for my wife Cara's, High School Cheer team. This eventually broke out to me shooting other sports action and sports portrait images. With the use of off camera strobe lighting, coupled with professional grade camera and lens equipment I am able to achieve very dynamic and dramatic images for most any sport. Contact me and coupled with my life long passion for sports, we can discuss endless possibilities for capturing images of your sport of choice.

Photo Credit to SaraWatermanPhotography.com